Monday, September 6, 2010

A Plus Size Hijabi Guide From Yours Truly

A Plus Size Hijabi Guide From Yours Truly

Following a recent comment from one of my readers about the difficulties of wearing hijab when you're curvier I decided to make a post about it. I've been revising (reading my old fashion mags..) plus size fashion and have been trying to put together some tips and tricks to make covering those womanly curves slightly less stressful. I hope you find it useful :D Starting with the negative as always..sorry the writing's small, it looked bigger when I was making it..

And some things to try:

A great plus size fashion website with lots of hijabifiable pieces for good prices to -

And finally, a plus size hijab outfit I made. The waistcoat would be best worn open and provides extra coverage as well as style of course :D Notice I have used an over-sized bag and sunglasses - this is another good trick when accessorising: the bigger the better :)
Pink Maxi
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