Monday, September 6, 2010

How to Navigate Plus Size Hijab Style

You’re a plus size Muslimah. You most likely have encountered one or more of the following:

  • You loved the colorful, perhaps cotton, abaya of another sister but you can only find an itchy, black, polyester abaya in your size.
  • You tried to shop at your local plus size fashion store but with diving necklines and tight corset like bodices they are intent on playing up the voluptuousness of the plus size form.
  • You attempted wearing your outfit a size or two bigger but instead of feeling modest you felt over sized and unfeminine in your clothing.

While these experiences can be discouraging-do not let them hinder you from feeling and looking great. Here are some useful tips to get you on the road to a polished and beautiful modest wardrobe:

  1. Embrace prints and color: From stripes to prints if you are a larger woman you have probably been told all of the things that you should not wear. It is time to throw those restrictions out the window. Have fun with prints by embracing a print maxi dress or skirt paired with a more subtle cardigan and scarf.
  2. Modest does not mean shapeless:  You can still allow your clothing (not your body) to create a nice, neat silhouette. If you wear your clothing too big, it may not do justice to the natural draping of the fabric.
  3. Know that tailoring is your friend: You may find a pair of jeans that fit your hips perfectly but are too long. A skirt may offer you the space you need for your hips but be a bit too large in the waist. Store bought clothing does not always account for the varieties in the female form. If you do not sew find yourself a go-to seamstress to tailor your clothing.
  4. Invest in the basics – A crisp button down long sleeve blouse paired with great jeans, well made trousers or a skirt will never go out of style. You can start to build your wardrobe around long sleeve blouses in a variety of colors and cardigans (Old Navy online has an awesome collection of plus size cardigans). Add flair to these basics with a hijab, brooch and other accessories.
  5. Have your abaya tailor made- An abaya that is not plus size friendly has the tendency to come apart at the seams. By having an abaya tailor made you account for the unique curves of your body. Clothing sites like Islamic Boutique and East Essence offer tailor made abaya for the plus size customer.
    Tip: You should always sit down while trying on clothing as the body expands when seated. If you do not have enough room while sitting you may need to go up a size.

    Be unique and true to your own sense of style- Do not fall victim to trends that compromise your own sense of what is appropriate and beautiful. Do not dress for the comfort of others. Be confident in who you are.

    For more inspiration check out these Plus Size Friendly Online Clothing Sites: Igigi ,One Stop Plus, Lane Bryant, Avenue, Shukr Online, Target, Islamic Boutique, Old Navy, Torrid, East Essence.
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