Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Salam ladies! WE LOVE HIJAB is back! I’ve been gone for about 3 months but for good reason. I’ll explain soon, inshallah. For now, thank you so much for sticking with me and for all of your well wishes. Please enjoy today’s Hijab Style Find…

*UPDATE: A We Love Hijab Reader let me know that the cardigan pictured above is actually 3/4 sleeve. That info is not included in the product description for the cardigan so I didn’t know that when I made this post. If you do buy it you would of course need to wear something to cover the rest of your arm (like a long sleeve black tee or something). Just a little FYI.*

Today’s Hijab Style Find, is this pretty long skirt by Chadwicks. More than anything, I love the $25 price tag (!!), but I also love the fact that this skirt has a modern tiered design and it comes in some juicy, Summery colors.

I would wear this long skirt with a white tank top, a lightweight black cardigan, and black strappy sandals. For the hijabs, I chose a stripe-printed hijab that features all of the colors in my outfit.

What do you think: Are you feeling today’s Hijab Style Find? And how would you wear it?

[1] Chadwicks Tiered Peasant Skirt, $24.99. [2] Roxy Providence Stripe Scarf, $17. [3] Lightweight V-Neck Cardigans, $20. [4] Jet Black Crystal Cocktail Ring, $16.25. [5] Anne Klein Eddie Platform Sandal in Black, $35.58+.

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