Friday, August 14, 2009



Tears streaming down our face
Asking Allah to have on us His grace
Let us remember you in our every breath
For every breath is a step closer to death
To you Allah we shall return
In that fire we don’t want to burn
Open our heart to the light of islam
Increase our taqwa and strengthen iman
This dunya we shall leave behind
So let jannat be always on our mind
Oh Allah have mercy on our soul
To please you Allah should be our only goal

Oh Allah i ask of you to help us all become closer to you
Purify our hearts from the darkness of sin
And enable us to love islam from within
Oh Allah i ask of You to give us the ability to become closer to you
Enable us to strive hard in the right path
So have on us your mercy and not your wrath
Give us the strength to defeat shaitan
And giv us hadayat and great iman
O Allah we cry to You, enable us to closer to You
Place fear in our hearts and increase our taqwa
So that our actions are only to please you Allah
Ya Rahman Ar Raheem. We ask of You
Enable us to be closer to You
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