Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why I Love My Hijab.

The reason why I love Hijab, is, to be honest,
Is because it guards my beauty and keeps me modest.
I never receive evil stares and remarks,
And am respected for not what I look like,
But rather what is in my heart.

Allah is most Merciful to all of His Creation,
And He commanded us women to observe Hijab for pure liberation.
Liberation from all of the things that disease women today,
From anorexia, buleima and low self-esteem,
An obsession with beauty that plagues all,
From old women to teens.

In short skirts and blouses revealing their bodies for all men to see,
Knowing their only goal in life is to attract and to please.
NO! But Allah did not want this for us,
To live lives so vain and so full of lust.

He (SWT) is sooo merciful to us, yet we are so disobedient,
He guides us to the good, yet we rush towards the evil
Which is why sisters everywhere are dropping Hijab,
Only because of fear, desires and other worldly reasons.

Caving into the pressures of the western society,
Who claim they are oppressed and need to be liberated immediately!

But Sisters!
We are not oppressed, we are not abused!
We are NOT inferior and nor are we confused!
No actually they are the oppressed and we are the free.

We are modest women who chose to cover for Allah,
No matter what time we live in,
No matter what new trend or law.
Our Hijab does not change,
Our firm determination does not weaken,
And we will not be affected by the opinions of mere people,
Cause its Allah's Pleasure we're seekin'!

So Sisters, let's stay firm,
And keep up with our Hijab,
We are the most beautiful role models for the Ummah,
As well as for all of mankind.

We are shining pearls,
Enclosed inside our shells,
And we should refuse to reveal our beauty,
If we desire the gardens of Jannah,
And not the severe punishment in Hell.

Sisters, let's say it with up-most sincerity and dedication:

I love Hijab, I love My Lord and I love My deen,
and all thanks are to Him, and only Him, and Most High and Great is He!!

Allahu Akbar!!
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