Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Things you should know (part 1)

1-The best provision is that of piety
2-The best of affairs is that which has been firmly resolved upon
3-The best of ways is the one trodden by the prophets
4-The noblest death is the death of a martyr
5-The most miserable blindness is waywardness after guidance
6-The best guidance is that which is put into practice
7-The worst blindness is the blindness of the heart
8-It is better to give than to receive
9-The worst apology is that which is tendered when death stares one in the face
10-The worst remorse is that which is felt on the Day of Resurrection
11-The tongue that is addicted to false expression is a bubbling spring of sins
12-The most valuable possession is contentment of the heart
13-The highest wisdom is the fear of Allah, the Mighty and Great
14-Impatient wailing and fulsome praise of the dead is an act of ignorance.
15-Betrayal leads one to the fire of Hell
16-The worst thing eaten is one which belongs to the orphan
17-He who pardons is himself granted pardon
18-He who forgives others, is forgiven by Allah for his sins
19-He who represses anger, Allah rewards him
20-He who faces misfortunes with perseverance, Allah compenses him
21-He who acts only for fame and reputation, Allah disgraces him
22-He who shows patience and forbearance, Allah gives him a double reward
23-He who disobeys Allah, Allah chastises him
24-The best of religions is the religion of Ibrahim
25-he best of the precedents is the precedent of Muhammad
26-Refrain from Shirk which Allah will never forgive if one dies in it
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