Thursday, October 1, 2009

How i came to islam

May Allah’s peace be upon you!

My name’s Brunsheska, I am a 22 years old married woman from the USA. I have being asked about Islam in several occasion, and the best answer I came to learn now, is that Allah made his way to me one way or another. I would assume that the first time I truly became very curious about Islam was 11SEP2011, everyone was saying all kind of things about Islam and Muslims including my family members, some of them were talking very bad about Islam and Muslims because of what they heard. I didn’t have the mean to do more research about it at that time. My father wasn’t a big Muslim fan at that time especially with his military background that somehow influenced his interpretation to Islam. Simultaneously, I was affected as well with the media, and I started hating Islam and Muslims with no reason except of what the media wanted me to believe.
Yet, I knew deep in my heart that it can’t be only way of telling a story, and Islam can’t be the cruel. So I started making more research in at a college level, which helped me somehow get a subjective point of view about Islam, contrary to what my classmate were saying, when they ask me about the reasons I want to learn about that religion? I simply answered them that feeling confused about Christianity and I have not find in it the stability that I am looking for.
Couple years later, I’ve met a young Muslim man online his name was Adil and he seemed to be a good person, walked me through Islam believe and answered almost all my questions about Islam. Two years after that I married him, and we are a happily married Muslim couple now. Some thinks that he influenced my beliefs and others thought that I reverted just because of him, that is what they say, but my I’ll say that Allah had his way to communicate with heart, mind and soul, and if god decide to give credit for me and for other person for me to find true answers that I haven’t find anywhere else, who else is better to get them than my husband. After all, who’s better get that and do more good deeds in this life, because I am not looking to live in a small mention in paradise, I want that big castle with the big land, to live happy with my loved husband happily ever after.
To all the other sisters from different religion, don’t get influenced with what you see, read and hear, use your brains and listen to your heart and open your eyes widely; because of Allah is closer to you than you think. Allah said:” you might hate something and it’s good for you”, and Islam is for peace and those people who conducted those attacks and do all the bad things around the world are representing themselves and not a great religion such Islam.
Thanks to god!
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